Imperial Electronic Assembly
Commitment to Quality

Progressive, Cutting Edge Electronic Manufacturing

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. understands that in an ever-competitive environment, electronic manufacturers and assemblers must be highly efficient in responding to rapid business and technology changes. Frequent plan modifications, shorter product life cycles, increased product complexities are all part of the job, while continuing to remain flexible, improve quality and reduce cost of operations.

Reliable, Efficient and Quality Assured

At Imperial, product reliability and thorough testing is a necessity. Test procedures, ranging from simple electrical tests through complete functionality testing and burn-in, can be developed with the assistance of our engineering staff.

In-process inspection is done on all assemblies at various stages of the production process. Every printed circuit assembly is 100% inspected prior to shipping. ROHS compliant on demand.

Best Pricing Practices

To be cost-effective we volume purchase components enabling us to achieve real savings for you. We work only with approved vendors to ensure timely delivery of materials meeting your specifications.

The accurate control of stock levels is accomplished by precision counting and inspection procedures, along with our computerized inventory system.

Our ERP Data Transfer with our vendors allow up-to-date information and the ability to pipe line parts to satisfy all our customers needs.

ImPerial Electronic Assembly
“We build partnerships that work through providing full-service electronic manufacturing, competitive pricing, rapid turn-around, exceptional customer service and quality assurance.”
Ed O'Donnell, Co-founder

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