Imperial Electronic Assembly
Facilities List

Surface Mount Technolgy

  • Three Universal High Speed Placement System
  • Three Universal GSM Fine Pitch Placement Machines
  • Three DEK 265 Automatic Screen Printer
  • Conceptronics Concept 60 Convection Oven
  • Vitronics XPM2 Reflow Oven
  • Zephyrtronics SMT Rework Station
  • Technical Devices Nu/Clean2001 Stencil Cleaner
  • Technical Devices Nu/Clean Poly SMT 218 Aqueous Wash
  • Various FKN Systek Depanelizing Equipment
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  • Universal 6241D VCD Axial Sequencer / Inserter
  • Universal 6360 (RAD 5) Radial Sequencer / Inserter
  • Universal 6772A Multi-Module Dip Sequencer Insertion System (2)
  • APS Model RFV Radial Prepping Machine
  • Hollis Future 1 16-inch Wave Soldering System
  • H2O Monsoon "Alpha" In-line Aqueous
  • Cleaner
  • Various Axial/Radial Prepping Equipment
  • Mancorp AE-400DS Lead Free Wave Soldering System
  • Q-Corp Vector Trimming System
  • Airvac PCBRM-12 Rework Station
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Test Equipment

  • GENRAD 2271 ATE
  • Two GENRAD 2283 ATE
  • GENRAD Pilot Flying Probe Model S20
  • Two Intelligent Reasoning Systems AOI Model G4 Optical Comparator
    and Photodynamic Supervision 4000
  • Gelnbrook RTX-133 Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System
  • Bytek 135H Universal Device Multiprogrammer
  • Microchip Pro Mate II Device Programmer
  • Cirrus Signature 5000 Cable & Harness Tester
    Cable Scan Model 128 Cable Tester
    Cable Scan Series 90 Cable Tester
    Variety of Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, and Function Generator
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  • AMP Stripper / Crimper with Quality Monitor
  • AMP CLS III Cut/Strip/Crimp Machine
  • AMP Automatic Crimping G-Press with Quality Monitor
  • AMP Automatic Crimping K-Presses
  • AMP Hydraulic Press 69120-1
  • Burndy Automatic Coaxial
  • Pinning Machine
  • Burndy TFM Crimping Press
  • Hollingsworth H470 Crimping Press
  • AMP Semiautomatic Flat Cable
  • Machine 91112-3
  • Kingsley SL-14 Wire Marking System
  • Schleuniger 257 Coaxial Cable Strippers
  • Schleuniger 3750 All-Purpose
  • Wire Cutters
  • Schleuniger CS 9000
  • Precision Wire Stripping Machine
  • Schleuniger JS 8300 Jacket
  • Strippers
  • Schleuniger US 2500 Stripping
  • Machines
  • Sumitomo Tube Marking System
  • Assorted Hand Crimping Tools for a majority of pin types
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ImPerial Electronic Assembly
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