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Materials Management Solutions

Imperial encourages optimal communication between ourselves and our suppliers and customers, enabling each party to quickly adapt to expectations and adjust manufacturing output accordingly. Ultimately, we save significant time and money in procuring materials and processing orders.


From the initial supply request through the final shipment, materials planning is one of Imperial's most tightly managed processes. We provide world-class visibility, flexibility and response times with our real-time supply chain systems allowing customers to react immediately to an imbalance in supply and demand conditions.


Imperial attains world-class pricing through our global supply chain systems allowing supply flexibility and reduced inventory risk. Our purchasing teams collaborate to get the materials we need, when we need them. We continuously benchmark the market, staying on top of prices, lead times, parts availability and technology trends to maximize the impact of working capital.

In-process inspection is done on all assemblies at various stages of the production process. Every printed circuit assembly is 100% inspected prior to shipping. ROHS compliant on demand.


We consistently strive for the timely movement of materials in and out of our worldwide operations, identifying the most effective carriers and forwarders and maintaining ongoing visibility to shipments. We ensure world-class pricing through our transportation agreements with carriers and custom brokers. And we maintain import and export compliance, according to special foreign trade agreements and specific country requirements.

ImPerial Electronic Assembly
Customers benefit from our globally connected systems for materials management needs. Our open development strategy allows us to constantly create new capabilities to support our customers' future service offerings.
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