Imperial Electronic Assembly Offering a Wide Range of Manufacturing Services

Assembly, Testing and Prototyping

Imperial provides quality conscious, cost effective, and timely delivered electronics manufacturing services to our customers. We pursue total customer satisfaction through the provision of professional experience in the procurement, assembly, test, packaging and shipping services. Imperial offers both consignment and turnkey services for prototypes and full production.

IMPERIAL's capabilities include:

  • Low to High volume manufacturing requirements
  • Board can be mixed SMT/PTH, fine pitch QFP, BGA and Micro-BGA parts
  • Single sided and double sided reflows
  • Single sided reflow with glue mounted SMT and wave soldering
  • 10 mil pitch parts placed in volume
  • Water soluble soldering process, Aqueous cleaning
  • "Lead Free" soldering process
  • Aggressive ESD control program
  • Light mechanical assembly or full box build
  • Turnkey component procurement or consignment builds

IMPERIAL is known for its quality and flexibility, offering:

  • Quick-turn service for prototypes
  • Off-shift and weekend service when needed
  • Short scheduling windows / fluctuating schedules
  • Warranty tracking needs
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ImPerial Electronic Assembly
Customers benefit from our globally connected systems for materials management needs. Our open development strategy allows us to constantly create new capabilities to support our customers' future service offerings.
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