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Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. utilizes multiple, highly automated, surface mount production lines to provide only the highest quality, reliably assembled circuit boards. The flexibility and speed of our advanced equipment allows us to offer aggressive, competitive pricing and remain a step ahead of the competition.

The Universal High Speed Placment System (shown right) is both efficient and accurate. It's unparalleled speed allows Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. to be a competitive supplier on any high volume program.

The Universal GSM1 (pictured between the Dek Pass Thru Screen Printer and the Conceptronic Reflow Soldering System) has a sophisticated control architecture that provides flexibility and accuracy. While also ideal for volume production, the GSM1 is also equipped with a dispense head which is capable of applying solder paste to prototype assemblies without the need for a stencil.

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. can develop the ideal test procedure for your program. The Genrad ATE In-Circuit Tester performs a comprehensive "bed of nails" style test that authenticates the overall circuit performance, while assuring that each component is free from defect. We can also assist in developing a Functional Circuit Board Test that simulates your actual application and verifies overall performance.

The Intelligent Reasoning Systems AOI Model G4 Optical Comparator (shown right) utilizes the latest in optical technology to perform the highest level optical inspection available.

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Virtually all of today's mass produced electronics hardware is manufactured using surface mount technology, SMT.
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