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Our Test Engineers and Test Technicians provide...
In-circuit test:

Verifies the correct assembly and operation of each board component, while the component is within the assembled circuit board. A bed-of-nails fixture with supporting test-programming code is used to access all electrical nets on the assembly. The test isolates faults to the component pin, identifies shorts on unconnected output pins, verifies the correct value of analog components and the correct placement and soldering of digital components including ASICs.


Flying probe test:

Utilizes four completely independent test probes that simultaneously apply the stimuli and perform the measurements needed to fully test a printed circuit board. Active and passive analog tests, signature analysis on each test point, boundary scan, and component presence and orientation inspection are performed. This test, similar to in-circuit without the use of a fixture, is ideal for first-piece and prototyping to prove out a plan. It saves our customers time and money by improving throughput for new product introductions and eliminating the need for costly replacement fixtures when assemblies are redesigned.

Cable and Harness Test:

Point to Point Testing and Hi-Pot Testing available.


Functional test:

Functionality of the final product can be tested to our customer's specifications utilizing customer furnished test equipment or special test equipment and specifications developed by our engineers. Technicians test for any anomalies and abnormalities in the assembly, through all stages of development, to verify the assembly will function as intended and to increase the confidence level in the product.

Test development services:

Provides test plan to support manufacturing processes with in-circuit test and functional testing, as well as, Functional Test Specification development and In-circuit Test Programming.



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