Imperial Electronic Assembly
Through Hole Assembly

Through Hole Assembly

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. has a highly automated process that allows for efficiency, repeatability, and the guarantee of only the highest quality assembled printed circuit boards. Our equipment includes a Universal Axial Sequencer/Inserter, a Universal Radial Sequencer/Inserter, and a Universal Multi-Module Dip Sequencer Insertion System. The Hollis Future 1 Wave Solder Machine ensures precise soldering of every board. Our dedicated ROHs Line can produce quality BOS.

Imperial Electronic Assembly, Inc. can develop the ideal test procedure for your program. The Genrad ATE In-Circuit Tester performs a comprehensive "bed of nails" style test that authenticates the overall circuit performance, while assuring that each component is free from defect. We can also assist in developing a Functional Circuit Board Test that simulates your actual application and verifies overall performance.

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ImPerial Electronic Assembly
Through Hole boards are kitted first, to ensure all components are the proper size, value, and part number. Leads are formed to the correct length and lead spacing.
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